Our Story

I never had a dog groing up. In 2010 the love story began...
I decided to volunteer at my local Humane Society. I would be there an hour before open and an hour after closing. I was responsible for keeping all the cages and kennels clean and comfortable. I was responsible for all food and water. I was responsible for the health and well being of every one of those beautiful animals. I quickly developed a responsibility to emotionally care for these dogs as they awaited adoption. They are so smart and they have so many different personalities and backgrounds. They really understand what is going on they just don't necessarily have the context. They just want to love and play, just like me, drama free! =)

My love for dogs continued to grow for years. I seized every opportunity I had to care for the pets of my friends, family, neighbors and roommates. I would care for them during travel and take them on lots of adventures; seeing their joy brought me even more happiness.

I have never adopted a dog or a cat of my own. Our pets live so long I have always worried about their future if my living or financial situation might change, as it often does. I have recently moved to beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado; I feel very blessed to be able to live, work and play in such a beautiful place.

I was in a perfect situation to rescue a dog or cat and I began monitoring Summit County's adoption page. Unfortunately, the continued mystery of my future and ever changing living situations year after year continued to keep me from moving forward with an adoption. 
With this predicament,
My idea was born
I can offer so much more than just pet boarding 

Riley's Retreat 

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