Riley's Retreat

Breckenridge. For Dogs 

Its the key to health and happiness.
Our Interactions will keep them stimulated and comfortable while feeling physically, emotionally and mentally satisfied.

Positively reinforcing trained behaviors and impulse control in a wide variety of social and recreational environments.

Tailored Adventures
We all have different legs, lungs and laziness. Back yard fenced in dog park for making friends, downtown walks for some wild smells and attention or one of our famous mountain trails.
Breckenridge has it all 

Specialized Cooking
I love cooking and I love making a plate for my guests. Doggie omelets, tacos, bacon, chicken breasts, steak...
What does your dog like?

I love photography.
I shot professionally for years,
be prepared for some beautiful content from your dogs vacation!

Transportation services
Seatbelts please!
Our Dog Uber has 5 stars!

At Riley's Retreat our mission is to provide your dog with a legendary vacation.
Less like a hostel, more like a condo. With a guide. & a chef. & a driver